Indian Embelam
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Indicator Physical Progress Indicator Financial Progress(in lakhs)
SHG with Transactions details 919739 Cumulative Savings by SHGs 137013.84
Members with transactions details 10906461 Outstanding Member loan 24883.62
SHGs with Bank A/c 5600898 Bank Loan Accessed 395520.28
SHG Members having SB Account 23590879 Bank Loan Outstanding 59694.72
SHG received RF from NRLM 20646 Other Loan Accessed 53335.05
SHG received CIF from NRLM 5289 Other Loan Outstanding -6257.28
Cash in Hand 97049.79
Cash at Bank 209407.08
RF received by SHG 2919.68
CIF received by SHG 2408.8