Indian Embelam
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Indicator Physical Progress Indicator Financial Progress(in lakhs)
SHG with Transactions details 571391 Cumulative Savings by SHGs 32417.82
Members with transactions details 7239503 Outstanding Member loan 9307.28
SHGs with Bank A/c 4466810 Bank Loan Accessed 50750.61
SHG Members having SB Account 17370378 Bank Loan Outstanding 16386.26
SHG received RF from NRLM 8547 Other Loan Accessed 13188.06
SHG received CIF from NRLM 2515 Other Loan Outstanding 3052.19
Cash in Hand 37613.62
Cash at Bank 96501.39
RF received by SHG 1136.54
CIF received by SHG 1139.11